Integration Redefined


Markets can remain inefficient for long periods of time. Having the ability to identify opportunity is not the same as having the ability to capture opportunity. It not only requires the right expertise but also requires the right structure.

M360 is able to capitalize on what we call “sustained anomalies” through a vertically integrated organizational structure. This structural “edge” provides us with direct access to a curated, diversified inventory of loans originated and diligenced by a seasoned team of experts, part of our direct-lending affiliate. This access to inventory – particularly inventory secured by first-priority liens on income-producing properties – enables us to tap into a steady flow of investment opportunities without relying on the secondary market and the risk of adverse selection. This also improves our visibility into potential default exposure of each investment.  

Beyond loan inventory, our corporate structure completes a virtuous circle. Armed with the ability to curate an ongoing portfolio of fully vetted loans, we have exposure to the entire value chain comprising sourcing, underwriting, servicing, managing and allocating.


The Result:

Clients benefit from our ability to generate more attractive yields on individual assets while retaining favorable liquidity at the portfolio level.