We extend credit in complex situations when the risk of default is mispriced


M360 Advisors invests in niche segments of private credit. We target short duration, high-yielding loans on small- to mid-sized income-producing properties where the complexity of an individual situation inflates the perceived risk of default.

This requires a dedicated team and an extremely robust underwriting process which is why we never buy loans from outside sources.

By focusing exclusively on secured investments that are senior in the capital structure, we are able to deliver to our clients a rare combination of stable, uncorrelated returns with significant collateral protection.

M360 Advisors was formed in 2014 following the successful launch of the Money360 direct lending platform, providing us with structural advantages, investment flexibility and significantly increased visibility into primary market activity.



Our management team brings together a mix of skills including a deep background in commercial real estate credit, loan origination and investment management spanning multiple business cycles.

The firm is led by Evan Gentry, who founded G8 Capital and MoneyLine, and by Dan Vetter, a multi-strategy investment manager, responsible for overseeing $15 billion of client accounts while at PIMCO. They are supported by John Maute, an industry veteran with 30 years of distressed real estate investing experience, and by a team of distinguished strategic advisors that include the former presidents of T. Rowe Price and Prosper Marketplace.